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Kraftwerk Drum Kit Library

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Ok today July 12, 2007 I will be compiling and editing a Kraftwerk sound library that when finished I would like to offer it to the community of users as a new drum kit. My question is once finished how do I get it to the community free drum section on the website? As a backup I can provide a link to the various sounds from my website. These will be dry wav samples. I know there might be some comments about sample clearance but I am not intending any 'commercial use'. Just want to contribute a drum bank to Hydrogen. If the Kraftwerk samples are not complete then I will possibly add the Art of Noise bank just for fun.



Update: OK I have many edits loaded on Hydrogen but I started loading the samples on the blank layers on the 808909 kit.
Would really like to load this bank from scratch... any tips?
Maybe I should load Planet Rock samples with this bank instead of Art of Noise.



OK The samples are posted at:

I made a pretty cool Miami Bass record with the samples if anyone wants to hear it just send me an email and i will post it.