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No LADSPA plugin show up

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Carlos Moraes
Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi there.

I'm new to Hydrogen and I'm really enjoying it!
Really cool stuff...

I've searched the forum a little bit before asking this question. Found some people with similar problem but the solution provided to them does not work for me. Here it is:

I have LADSPA installed and working on /usr/local/lib/:

moraes@pc:~$ ls $LADSPA_PATH******

I can use the LADSPA pluguins in Rosegarden.

When I click "FX" on the mixer, then "EDIT" on the effects controls that shows up and then "Select FX" on the window that comes next, I see the "Select LADSPA FX" window. So far, so good ...
But then, on the "Categories" box I see "Categorized (LRDF) group which expands to a lot of categories and an "Uncategorized" group which is empty. No matter what category or group I choose in this box, nothing shows up in the box that says "LADSPA plugins".

Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance.

Joined: 04/17/2010

Hello ,
I am facing the same problem detto..some one please help us.

Joined: 04/17/2010

Set the shell environment variable LADSPA_PATH to where the ladspa plugins live before starting hydrogen. In bash or ksh like this...

export LADSPA_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ladspa