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very little script that help making drumkit

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Joined: 04/17/2010

First, please excuse my english since i'm french.
I don't well know Hydrogen but my brother love it, then I made for him a very ugly and little perl script wich help to write the drumkit.xml when you want to make a drumkit.

[u]Use it as fellow:[/u]
Once you have your drumkit directory with yours sounds within, go in it, then, run the script, it will create a drumkit.xml

[u]Exemple: [/u]
[i]$ cd /usr/share/hydrogen/data/drumkits/mydrumkit
$ /home/my/Desktop/[/i]

* a previous drumkit.xml will be saved at drumkit.xml.backup
* If less than 32 sounds, the script will complete with false sounds
* if more, the script will stop at 32.
* The sounds's names are taken from the souds's filenames.
* You can easily edit sound's parameters (pan, volume, ...) by editing the script.

[i]-> don't forget to give execution rights to the scripts ( chmod a+x ) ![/i]

Hope that my help someone :)