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I'm giving in and posting a dumb question...

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I'm learning the bass at the ripe old age of 51 and for the life of me can't figure out how to get FLAC files to loop...

I would like to use Hydrogen as a drum backing track to my practice sessions.  

I found a drum beats zip (forgot where) and I can load it in to Hydrogen via Instruments/Layers panel, but I can't figure out how to create a library and samples I can just choose and loop...



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Hydrogen is not a looper

i'm guessing that you have a short recording of a drum part and you want to load that into hydrogen and let it loop. correct ?

this is possible, but this is not the main purpose of hydrogen.  You can think of hydrogen as a step sequencer (kinda)


if you do want to use hydrogen for this purpose you could do something like this :

1) make sure rubberband is installed (see

2) load your flac file and goto the sample editor (see

3) set your start and end piont (this will probably be the start and end of your flac)

4) set 'sample length to beat' to the appropriate value

5) hit apply changes and close

6) in the pattern editor place a 'dot' on the intrument that holds your flac on the first bar

7) make sure rubberband is enabled (the RUB button in the main toolbar)

8) set hydrogen in pattern mode hit play


your flac should now loop (and you can adjust the tempo)


hope this helps