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Question about Hydrogen and JACK

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Joined: 09/02/2013

So I've been having a lot of fun using Hyrdogen as a sample player, substituting audio samples for drum sounds and triggering them with a bass pedal board (Roland PK-5A, et al). But I think I've discovered something odd as I try to fine-tune my keyboard rig. Hydrogen runs its audio through JACK, but apparently not the MIDI, even though the option is there. Only when I select JACK as the MIDI engine in H2, none of the connected interfaces (instruments) appear. They only show up when ALSA is selected. I've been trhough the manual and the forums, but I can't find an answer. What do I need to do to JACK to get Hydrogen to appear as a MIDI interface?

If there's any info that I've left out, let me know. I'm totally stumped.

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Joined: 04/20/2010

are you using qjackctl to controll Jack ?

if yes, make sure you are looking on the 'MIDI' tab and not the ALSA tab