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Audio Driver

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I've used Hydrogen on Linux without problem. Trying it on Windows. By default I get no sound at all. I cannot find anything in docs or here in the forum about how to configure the Audio System (i.e. under Preferences->Audio System). To my knowledge, ALSA , JACK, and OSS do not run on Windows, so I assume PortAudio or choosing Auto are my choices. Neither do anything.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hagen Slowhand
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I have the same Problem. Because of latency reasons I wanted to install Jack; hower it shows a mistake sgtarting the audio driver. Auto works for me, but there is the latency problem. Any help is highly appreciated.


Thaks Hagen


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Hydrogen-0.9.6-alpha2 in combination with the latest jack and ASIO4All works here on windows 7 and windows 10. For Hydrogen to work with jack, you have to delete the libjack.dll file in the hydrogen directory.

With jack and Asio, I get no noticable latency


Unfortunatly, i'm not able to get Hydrogen-0.9.7 to work with jack...