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Hydrogen with Cubase LE

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I have a question:

I am using Cubase LE, and so far I created drumtracks inside Hydrogen, and exoprted them as WAV files, and then imported them into Cubase LE. This works fine, but the problem is that once it's in Cubase as a WAV file I can't change it anymore as in setting levels.
For instance after I recorded a few tracks of guitar on top of my drumbeat I wanted the ride to be softer and the kick-drum to be louder.

Is it somehow possible to run Hydrogen in Cubase as a plug-in, so it would be possible to still adjust levels of a drumtrack created with Hydrogen and maybe even add effects inside Cubase LE?

Anybody have experience with this?

Thanks a lot in advance !


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Hello, Santuzzo...

I use a a little trick to do this thing in Sonar, and I think it will work fine for you.

On the mixer in Hydrogen you can MUTE the instruments. Or, in the other hand, SOLO de instruments. Using this trick you can export separetelly all instruments, or groups of instruments. In time: solo one instrument (only this one is played) and UNmute the others that go togheter.

I use the following groups:

All Kicks
All HiHats
All Tons
All Snares
All Rides
All Crashs

Of course, if you use in your song another kind of percussion sets, create your own groups (but think about ranges of frequencies to make it easier to equalize after in Cubase)

But... there's a little problem (at least for me): Hydrogen exports in stereo, what is not much usefull... and space wasting. After export, I open the track in Audacity, separete the channels, delete one channel, set the channel into mono and export again. Bingo, half of size.

In Sonar, I create 6 audio tracks (considering the six "groups of instruments above") and a bus called "DRUM", where I send all of this tracks.

In resume, I can equalize separetelly any part of the drumset, any all togheter in the Bus DRUM.

Kicks are low? Quite simple to correct...

I hope it helps... and sorry for the bad english, I'm a brazilian...

Rafael "Shu" Goulart from Brazil

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Wow, thanks so much !

Sounds like a great idea !

I will give this a try !

I appreciate your help !!


PS no worries, your English is good !

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if you gave up windows and switched to linux, you would have no problem doing so by using JACK, Ardour and Hydrogen all plugged in thanks to the JACK audio server. Each hydrogen instrument has outpout ports that can be used y any other JACK aware app, like the multitrack recorder Ardour. A typical Ardour session in my linux based DAW has Hydrogen connected to ardour track input ports. You can even control hydrogen transport from ardour by setting the transport master to JACK..

Windows does not seem to provide a unified frame across audio applications. JACK in the unix world allows such interoperability between applications, it is also realtime capable and a carefully set DAW achieves extremely low latency. All this is FOR FREE and open-source!
So, windows users, there's something to meditate here :)

Have a look at :

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Try installing Asio4all ([/url]) and then install Jackdmp ([url] - a windows port of JACKD.

You can then activate Asio4all so that windows is using the Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio and start Jackd using the Jack Control (qjackctl).

Then using the patchbay you can connect all the channels you need! Just set Hydrogen to stream all tracks out rather than just the main L&R.



I have got Jack running under Windows and thus can connect Cubase and other ASIO compatible programs. Unfortunately Hydrogen 0.9.3 on windows doesn't have jack or ASIO support. As a PortAudio driver comes with Jack I expected Jack to see Hydrogen when I use that driver. Not working yet ...

Any guidelines (perhaps from some understanding Jack in Linux)?