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Several note-off questions

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Joined: 03/25/2014

Hi there,

I want to use Hydrogen live on stage. So far, now issues in setting up stuff. However, there's a couple of questions on creating my own kit.

First, I'm quite fine with the defaults for most cases: I got a set of synthesized "drums" (sampled from a couple of synths I have) that I can trigger one-shot from a MIDI keyboard.

However, I want to have some samples that stop on note-off from the keyboard. How can I do that? More specific: Is there a way to have some samples one-shot and some on/off?

Moreover, it would be great if there were instruments that could stop other instruments. E.g., Closed HiHat should stop the Open HiHat from playing. Is this possible?

All the Best


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hi TocTocTocToc  (why do i have the feeling i'm writing this to a chicken ;-)

hmmm ...  AFAIK the 'ignore note off' setting (preferences > midi tab) is a global setting, so i dont think you can mix ... :-(

(you can always ad a feature request in our github issue tracker


stopping an instrument by playing another is possible : check this and more specifically the 'mute groups'




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You could play with the ADSR settings. Long sustain and release should make it pretty much ignore note off :)

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Well, how can one every now, whether or not they're communicating with a chicken on the internet? 8-) Probably there are way more chickens on the net than perverts that we warn our kids about.

But anyways... the trick with the ADSR did it for me!

This is so great. I had been fiddling around with Swami and similar tools, but they didn't do the job for me.

And thanks for the pointer to the mute groups.

All the best