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Bass/Keyboard Line Player?

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Joined: 03/25/2014

It seems to me that Hydrogen would be great for playing basslines and backing chords or pads, but I'm not finding any demo or user songs that use them, or any pre-made kits that have keyboard/bass samples. Is there some reason this doesn't work well in Hydrogen? Should I just get to work and make my own keyboard/bass kit? Apologies if this question has been asked.

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Hydrogen is a drum machine in the first place

it is possib,e to create a drumkit that contains sounds other than drums, but there are not many drumkits like that available AFAIK

there ais a drunkit that contains some LMMS sounds, but i cant recall where i found it and also dont know how usable it would be for you

if you decide to make one yourseld do let us know !  we can upload it to our drunkit repository so other h2 users can download it