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README FIRST : how to report a problem

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Hi !

First of all : thank you for taking the time to report an issue, we really appreciate it !


Before you start make sure you read the tips below.  This will ensure that your input is complete and will (hopefully) speed up the problem solving process.


Step 1: please go trough the manual before you continue

Step 2: check out the FAQ 

Step 3: check out our Github issue tracker to see if someone else has already reported the issue you encountered  (Feel free to add additional info to the ticket !)

Step 4: forum <> github

You may report issues via this forum, but if you want you can also create a ticket in the Github issue tracker

(the Github option is preferred, but if you are not familiar with Github you should report it via this forum)

Step 5: report the problem

If you create a report (here on in Github) this info must be included :

  • OS type + version  (eg Windows7 64bit,  Ubuntu 12.10 32bit ... )
  • Hydrogen version (Info > About, or via CLI : hydrogen -v)
  • description of the issue
  • how to reproduce it (if possible)


That's it !


The Hydrogen team


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The Drumset / Instrument, Note Length / Note off, and Drum/Piano don't appear next to my pattern Pattern editor.

Is there a toggle on/off that I've missed?

Couldn't find the answer in the manual or comments.


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@Neatguy6908 : please open a new thread. This one is just to show what is expected from someone asking for help.