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How to adjust volume when 2 patterns play simultaneously within a song?

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Joined: 03/09/2014

When creating songs, sometimes I like to have 2 separate patterns play simultaneously within the song.  Unfortunately, this seems to combine the volume of the 2 patterns, thereby doubling the song's volume during those particular measures.  

Of course I could copy the two patterns, and make the duplicates play at half-volume, and then only use those duplicate patterns when I want to play them simultaneously together --- thus the resulting song-volume during those measures will equal the volume of the remainder of the song.  

But I imagine that there are probably one or two superior ways to accomplish this --- I simply haven't discovered them yet.   Thanks in advance for ideas and advice!

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AFAIK the way you just described is the only way that is currently possible

the most obvious way to acomplish what you need would be to use (volume) automation, but this is not possible in hydrogen

feel free to add a feature request in the github issue tracker :




Ryou kurihara
Joined: 04/24/2014

Only the sound of Hydrogen does not go out.

Will it heal if re-install?

In that case, you must save the data of the drum kit that you downloaded, I would like to uninstall but, what 's in there of where the folder.

Thanks in advance.