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README FIRST : How to share your songs

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There are 2 ways to share your hydrogen songs or music you created with Hydrogen:


1) as audio file (WAV, OGG ...)

(post in the 'share your music' forum)


You can export your song to WAV, OGG, ... using Hydrogen's export function

- goto Project > Export song

- select the output format

- select Export to single track

- hit Export


This will produce an audio file


Do NOT try to upload this file to your forum post, but upload it to a cloud storage location of your choice (google drive, dropbox ...)

Or better yet : create a Soundcloud account, upload your song there and post a link to it in this forum


Note : of course you may also use your favorite DAW to create the audio file



2) as '.h2song' file

(post in the 'share your songs' forum)


You can also share your hydrogen song (.h2song' file)


Important notes :

- a .h2song file only contains the 'notes' of your song.

It DOES NOT contain the actual sounds (samples) !!

- dont assume that everyone has the drumkit installed that you used for your song

In other words : add the name of the used drumkit in your forum post

- if you use a customized drumkit it will be impossible for other people to play your song properly

it might work, but some instruments may be missing, or it might not work at all

you can fix this by uploading the drumkit you use to some cloud storage location and add a link to it in your forum post



conclusion :

if you just want others to be able to listen to your song : use option 1

it will save you a lot of time and everyone will be able to listen to it



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What about adding .mp3's?