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Hey guys,

There appears to be no real place to post suggestions for the development of Hydrogen, so I made one up.

I have two suggestions, the second cannot be implemented unless the first is...

1. when you write a song using one drumkit and then decide to change the kit, all the instruments get muddled up. eg. hi-hat becomes a floor tom. Can you correct this by making a way of moving the already written notes to another instrument? Otherwise the instrument slots should be predefined. eg. the bass drum must always be the last line.

2. Once the first suggestion is implemented, one could download pre-written patterns and use them from a pattern library. eg. there would be a whole lot of rock, jazz, latin or metal patterns which a non-drummer could easily make hydrogen songs from and use them for his recordings.

Good idea...Bad idea?

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i like the idea of having a repository of patterns. This sounds like a very cool feature.
It would be much like the Soundlibrary in svn. You need just another treeview for patterns.
Btw. this is one thing i dislike about the current soundlibrary: you can't add other repositories then the official one. It would be better if you could add third-party repositories, so that every person on the internet could host its own pattern/drumkit-database. Something like the software-repositories known form the debian distribution.

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Hi everybody,
I am new to this site.I hope this site will help me to understand quickly.
I would like to say "hi" to all members,Welcome to the forum.