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Changing Drum kits 'on the fly'

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Hi all

I think this question has already been asked elsewhere but I'm still not sure of whether it is possible to do what I am trying to do using the GUI or if not whether a noob like myself should attempt to mess about with the .h2song file, which is the only suggestion I have seen so far to do what I want to do.

Basically I have written a drum pattern which I really like but I used the default GMkit and now I have discovered the fabulous variety of drum sounds that are available via the downloaded kits in the sound library.  My question is, would it be possible to transfer the beats and dynamics that I have written on to a new kit, substituting bass/snare parts over directly from their counterparts in the old kit.  So far, I have only managed to load the new kit which then plays the pattern on whatever drum/cymbal etc that happens to occupy the position previously held by the original kit (hope that makes sense!)

Any suggestions would be gratefully received :)













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hi Mick

i created a ticket that is more or less related to your question, you can find it here :  (it's actually a copy of an old ticket that got closed by mistake)

is this what you are looking for ?

(feel free to add a '+1' as comment if you like the proposal, or add your remarks/ideas)