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[SVN] Possible GCC 4.3 error

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g++ -c -include objs/hydrogen -pipe -march=i686 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -g -Wall -Wall -W -D_REENTRANT -DALSA_SUPPORT -DJACK_SUPPORT -DFLAC_SUPPORT -DLADSPA_SUPPORT -DLRDF_SUPPORT -DOSS_SUPPORT -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_XML_LIB -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_NETWORK_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -DQT_SHARED -I/usr/share/qt/mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. -I/usr/include/QtCore -I/usr/include/QtCore -I/usr/include/QtNetwork -I/usr/include/QtNetwork -I/usr/include/QtGui -I/usr/include/QtGui -I/usr/include/QtXml -I/usr/include/QtXml -I/usr/include -I.. -I../libs/hydrogen/include -Iobjs -Iobjs -o objs/SoundLibraryRepositoryDialog.o src/SoundLibrary/SoundLibraryRepositoryDialog.cpp
[color=red]src/SoundLibrary/SoundLibraryRepositoryDialog.cpp: In member function ‘void SoundLibraryRepositoryDialog::on_DeleteBtn_clicked()’:
src/SoundLibrary/SoundLibraryRepositoryDialog.cpp:102: error: cannot convert ‘std::_List_iterator’ to ‘const char*’ for argument ‘1’ to ‘int remove(const char*)’
make: *** [objs/SoundLibraryRepositoryDialog.o] Error 1[/color]

IIRC, GCC 4.3 issues were already addressed some time ago. I tried the obvious workaround of including and , but most headers and sources already have the latter, except for the above file. Including those don't help, and I'm sure I have the prerequisites.

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Thanks for reporting this issue.. I think i fixed it, please run "svn update" and see if it works :)