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Together Forever by: Tayler

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Here is a song i wrote for my boyfriend that i always will love Cameron, its called Together Forever.

Together Forever

The first time i saw your eyes,
i new we were going to be together forever,
from sickness to health,
to love and disaster,
and there you go again.

I wake up think about all the memories we had,
your my life.
your my life.

Everytime i cant see you,
i cry until dawn,
thinking about how much you mean to me and i mean to you.

ooo yes you told me together forever,
changes happen together forever,
days past still together forever oooooo
i say together forever.

Quiet Voice...
our memories are here and will always hold,
no matter what happens,
together forever.


I love you forever!!! Cameron I know were young but i love you and nobody else!!!!!