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Import Bass Track To Help Lay Out Beat?

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I've used Hydrogen before,and I like the program alot. It just has a feel to it that makes using it better. But one drawback I've run into that I wish had an alternative is not having a bass track,etc,to use as a layout guide. For example,if a bass track was laid out and saved,and I wanted to create drums that were in sync with the bass,and was also easy to make alterations to the beat if a certain part didn't sound quite right. Anyone know of any work arounds that maybe I haven't thought of? Figured if anyone had ideas,it'd be you,lol. Thanks in advance for even the smallest tip.

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IMO there are 2 options:

1) use jack transport : open audour, import your bass track, set both hydrogen and ardour to jack transport

now when you hit play in hydrogen ardour will also start to play in sync

2) create a new instrument in hydrogen, in the instrument editor import your wav or flac (see

in the beginning of your song use a unique pattern where you trigger your bass track


with 2) you will have to start your song from the beginning each time you want to listen to it or your bass track will not get triggered

for both options it willbe kina hard to get hydrogen (or any app for that matter) to play in sync with a (long) wav file

a better sollution would be to cut up your bass track into smaller patterns en use the rubberband option to timestrech these loops so they perfectly match the tempo of your song (see


hope this helps