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My Lap top won't play an .h2song programmed on another PC while using the same drumkit???

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I have two desktop: one running on Windows 8.1 and the other running on Windows XP. I also have a fairly recent Toshiba Lap top running on Windows 7.

I am using the same GMkit (16 items) for all three computers. If I develop/program a song on the lap top, it plays it without any problem. However, if I develop/program a song on one of the other two PCs. The desktops will play songs exchanged from each other.

But the lap top WILL NOT play a song that has been programmed and, coming from the two desktops. I have tried sending it through as an attachment in an email - no success. I have tried copying the song to a USB key from the two desktops and trying to play it straight from the USB key on the Lap top - no success.

When I am trying to play it on the lap top, I press the "Play" button and the cursor is moving without any sound going from my lap top to its speakers or my sound system. However, if I program a song on the lap top, it will play without any problem on the Lap top speakers or the sound system.

Is there a compatibility problem in Windows 7 ? 

Please help me.

If you can send me an email, that would be wonderful:


Lionel Duguay

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there is a known bug in the latest 0.9.6 beta3 related to absolute/relative path

it should be fixed in the latest code available in github

AFAIK you can fix this problem by simply reloading the used drumkit (in the sound library right click on the drumkit and select load)