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TB-303 emulations? (if in wrong forum section, please advise ands i'll paste it elsewhere)

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Joined: 06/16/2014

would anyone have any samples etc of anything that can emulate a tb-303?

for anyone not sure what that means, check these links and i'm sure you'll have heard this noise before.

i hope to finb something that will work with hydrogen that i can get noises like this.

you get the idea!

with the simple settings in hydrogen, it shudnt be too dificult to get these types of sounds with the right sound bank to load?

thanx, Un


Joined: 09/22/2014

Yes, the well known tb 303 integrated in roland groove machines ;)

As I am a sound fount user I would perform things in this order:

Perhaps it would be interesting to integrate just some "basic" instruments in Hydrogen to show "by default" that this is possible. But perhaps it is beyond the scope of the tool.

For me it is just a killer app that enables you to perform lots of things intuitively. It is called an advanced drum machine but I would call it a generic step sequencer.

A big thank to all the development team!