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Hydrogen skips sound when bpm changes freequently

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Joined: 06/22/2014


I am using Hydrogen together with Ardour. I want to add a hydrogen drum part and synchronize it to an existing audio file - which is not bpm-stable.

using ardour and qm-vamp-plugins I have created an ardour session with speed changes almost at every beat (I manually made a "beats" track and created the bpm change markers from it). Thus ardour's metronome click is in 100% (or at least, good enough for my ears) with the audio.

If I play a hydrogen drum track simultaneously with ardour playing the audio clip, and using jack to syncrhonize, eveyrthing stays synchronized and fine. Except for one crucial thing: Very often, when the bpm changes, hydrogen does not play the sound for the beat in question. Needless to say, this renders my approach useless.

Is this a bug in hydrogen? Or am I doing something completely wrong and should be trying a different approach? How?


Thanks in advance for any help !


great software.