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lead/lag not working properly

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hey, gang
I hope this is the right place to report bugs, but I've got one that, for me, anyway, is a showstopper.
I'm just getting into drum programming, but one thing that's important to me is the ability to get a rhythm to 'swing', so lead/lag is a feature that really appeals to me.
My problem is that when I lead a beat, I can only lead a tiny bit before the timing leaps to what seems to be a large fixed lead value that's almost on top of the previous beat. Lag seems to work ok.
This happens no matter what resolution I set, and happens with all instruments and drum sets I've tried.
I'm assuming this behaviour is a Bug and not a Feature :)

I don't know how many other users use this capability, but I think it's a pretty cool one that can make a tune sound MUCH more natural.
I also hope other folks take advantage of it, cuz, it's potentially really neat!

Thanks in advance!