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Hydrogen Wiki Manual

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi Folks

I want to suggest a wiki documentation page to Hydrogen. There is a lot of knowledge in this forum but to organize this information may help a lot of new hydrogen users to get started with Hydrogen.

The suggestion is a wiki format because anyone here could help to construct this super-hydrogen-guide. The multi-language support is because to do only in English will not help the non-english users.

I know that the developers guys are with lots of work. Neither everybody can deal with code but anyone can help with documentation.

I'm writing a brazilian portuguese Blog to help new Audio and Linux Users (][/url]) and I know that other users like Brian ([url= are doing a good job writing articles about hydrogen. Maybe we can link this sites. Maybe one user can help another one translating the articles. Maybe you can complete a article adding new information to a how-to session. Maybe some master users can suggest the index of the manual. Maybe someone can help me with my spaghetti english...

Another idea is to create a new "user section" on this forum.

Is it possible? Are there another hydrogen users writing instructions and tips about hydrogen?

Flavio Schiavoni

Joined: 03/30/2010

Hi Flavio!

The idea is nice, but there is not enough feedback :(
We need a lot of help with documentation and everyone who wants to help can contribute to our new manual (it resides in the hydrogen svn repository)..