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Loading new kit to existing song

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Joined: 04/17/2010

I'm having trouble loading a new kit into an existing song.

I recently updated the samples I'm using for my custom kit, and included one new instrument. I edited the xml file appropriately, changing the file names to the new samples and adding a new instrument entry for the new cymbal. However, when I open the song I'm currently working on, it still plays the old files. I loaded the custom kit again, and it now shows the new samples, but only shows the old number of instruments - dropping the kick drum off the bottom of the list.

In other songs, I have no problem loading different kits of different sizes, and deleting extra, hold-over instruments. Attempting this on my current working song will still only show the last 14 instruments, instead of expanding the list appropriately.

Any idea why this is happening, and what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance!

Joined: 04/17/2010

I figured out!

I realized the .h2song files were probably xml - sure enough! I opened the appropriate .h2song file in notepad, changed the file names for the existing instruments, added a new instrument entry for the new cymbal, saved, and opened Hydrogen - and good to go!!

Kudos to the team for making everything so accessible and editable!

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normally, i is enough, if you make changes on sound library, to re save the song with the changes into soundlibray. this behavior is no bug, its a feature. so you can create a custom soundlibray for one song, but you must not save the custom soundlibrary. all informations are inside the song.xml file. this is a great feature!!

2 problem left.
1.if you share this song with other people you have to create a soundlibrary with all instruments inside.
then you can share the song together with the needed soundlibrary.
2. never delete soundlibraries with instruments inside witch needed from some songs. than the not founded instruments will muted and maybe your song is broken.

howto create a custom soundlabray for a song to share them with other people.
1. make your changes into existing soundlibray
2. create your song
3. maybe you have to make more changes on soundlibbray :-)
4. if your song is ready goto instruments -> save soundlibrary
fill all informations about the library into the open dialog and save your custom library.
5. load the new library!!
6. save the song
now the song works with this library. so you can share this song together with your custom library.

have phun