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I love this application

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I just wanted to express my thanks to the developers of Hydrogen. Even with the lack of editting funcitonality, I find this tool indispensible.

Recently I exported a song to separate tracks and pulled them all into PreSonus Studio One (free version). Simply adding appropriate channel strips for EQ and Compression, the results are amazing. I saved the mix as a stero WAV and import into a Zoom R16 prior to recording other instruments. As long as tempo and form don't change, it is possible to build up a track, change the drums in Hydrogen and re-import them to the Zoom. Everything can also be mixed in a DAW (including the separate drum tracks.)

Using level and pan for each drum in Hydrogen also make a huge difference and is very easy.

People are amazed when I play a demo that was created from scractch in a couple hours.



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Hi MrX

thanks for your kind words :-)

Feel free to share some of your music in our 'share your music' forum




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Agreed, and thank you so much for the Windows version of this. Love the application! I enjoy using Linux, but many of my other applications are Windows native, so for better or worse, it's much more convienient, at least for me, to just stay in Windows. Please do continue the Windows support. There may be bugs, but your work to squash them is highly appreciated! Thank you! -- Matthew