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Directory path missing after saving .h2song?

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Joined: 10/19/2014


I'm running hydrogen on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS x86_64.

When hydrogen saves a song it appears the directory path is removed. This may have started happening since upgrading to 0.9.6-beta3.

A diff of the file before and after shows:


<  <version>0.9.6-</version>
>  <version>0.9.6-beta3</version>
<     <filename>/usr/share/hydrogen/data/drumkits/The Black Pearl 1.0/PearlKick-Softest.wav</filename>
>     <filename>/PearlKick-Softest.wav</filename>

Anyone else seen this?

Joined: 04/15/2016

Have the same issues (Mint 17.3, hydrogen 0.9.6-beta3). The situation comes out when you try to use a downloadable soundbank and reorder/delete some of the instruments (for instance, to ensure the file will export nicely in GM drums layout)

The source of the issue is that the <drumkit> tag appears empty in the saved file. There's no need in exact path inside the .hasong file - if you try to insert the path to samples, the program will erase it during next save.


0.9.7 for windows shows no such bug.

Since there are no debs of 0.9.7 are available for my system at the moment, the workaround is:


1. Make a backup copy of your work

2. Open broken file in an text editor (i use gedit)

3. Choose "find and replace"

4. replace <drumkit></drumkit> with <drumkit>(name_of_your_drumkit)</drumkit>

5. save file with different filename and test in hydrogen


Hope that helps.