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Midi Note configuration ?

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Joined: 11/08/2014

Hello, Checked the forum and the Docs but couldn't find an answear to this specific question so here it goes:

I have the Alesis Dm Lite drum machine connected with USB(MIDI) to my PC (Fedora 20) running Hydrogen.

When hitting the Drums the notes are sent to the pc and Hydrogen plays them, but...

The thing is, some of them are wrong... for example the "Ride" plays a "Tom 3" sound...

how can i easily map (any Drum Kit sound) to the correct/wanted pattern/Note and make it perminant for that instrument ?

The only way i found was trying to discover which pattern i'm hearing, and then switch it's place (drag and drop) but that's not the way to do that...

i also tried to set it by making Hydrogen "waiting for Note" and set it but the Docs doesn't say what is the Second param...

apriciate your help