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Ben Zene endorses Hydrogen

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Not like I'm some name brand artist or anything, I just love open source software. No viruses, you can tinker with it, it's free, and it doesn't suck like other OS's you see on a shelf in some computer store that might be more accurately labeled "Overpriced for your inconvenience"

I currently use the latest Hydrogen and Audacity to make all my music. My friends love the new sound. With some luck I will be working on videos to my concept album MoebiuZ(Side 1) which is a story of an US Air Force pilot who gets abducted by aliens, goes AWOL and eventually tells his story to the world.

The repository for music links, H2kits/H2songs and general information is here:

The drumkits there still need a little work, but now that I have some decent studio reference headphones the new samples will be excellent and available soon.