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Abusing Hydrogen wrecklessly

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi all.

I'm currently obsessed with making hydrogen sound organic. I have a youtube director very interested in producing some really good vids and I get to do all the fun work- ie.some filming & the soundtrack. Ubuntu Studio, 64Studio and SuSE9.0 Pro. WooTWootWooT! Thanx 2 all!

The song I'm working on right now is between me and my crew, sorry I can't tell you more. I'll repost a link to this thread when it's done. Be patient please, this is quite difficult and there are others involved who don't use linux.

I have figured out an unexpected feature in hydrogen and wanted to tell others about it, to see what we can exploit together!

I have a song I'm working with that has a nearly unprogrammable credenza at the beginning. The only way to get the programming right for the tune is to either memorize it (owwwowwowouch!), buy the sheet music, or figure out another way.

So, this is what I did. I cut the song into 2 parts(audacity), the beginning credenza, and everything after the drums start, and coded it into a flac file. I'm currently working on synchronization with the recorded drum part which shows up as a single sample in the first measure. Every measure afterwards will reflect the drum playing on the recorded flac file as I will program it to match the original. It's nice having the ability to change time signatures. Much respect to the programmers.

Some things to look out for when abusing hydrogen this way. 1) when loading the flac file on a low mhz computer, it may play a few times, or it may play a bit of the beginning of the song a few times, then load it. I don't think the authors of this software suspected someone as weird as me using it, so this is like, due notice or something. Also, be careful not to hit the play sample button on the mixer unless you want to listen to the whole+- 9.4MB flac song through. If you hit that button, then play the song, you will get 2 versions of the same song playing together. Sometimes that is quite interesting. Sometimes it is very frustrating. This is after all an unintended feature, so one mustn't expect miracles, just a learning experience to pass on.

You may need to fiddle with knobs, dial up dials, and flip switches to get the results you want. I can't tell you much more about this because I just discovered it, but when I'm done, I'll post what I do and maybe write a how-to avoid abusing software guide.

Results may vary. No guarantee of satisfaction is implied.

Let others know when you discover something. That makes the job of explaining yourself that much easier.