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Joined: 04/17/2010

Is there a way to use sound font files with Hydrogen or does anyone know of a program that can extract the wavs from them?...for linux of course. thanks for any information!

Joined: 03/30/2010

No, hydrogen itself can't handle soundfonts.

Joined: 04/17/2010

Swami ? is the best tool to do this IMHO. After you have opened a SF you can navigate trough its structure. Go to "instruments" and choose the sound you want to export. Right mouse click will give you an option to export to AU, AIFF or WAV. It will be some work to do but it is basically possible to create a drumkit by using swami, the sound font and a good hydrogen tutorial. Have fun.


One note. I had some trouble to delete exported files on my KDE/Debian system from Konqueror. “rm /.../filename” did the trick.