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Display is a bit illogical... and not what the manual shows...

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I've been looking for a good drum machine, and Hydrogen shows a lot of promise. However there are some things I don't quite get. I'm using 0.9.6 Preview Release, just downloaded from Soruceforge.

1. Measure type / Beat counter

The manual says one exists, similar outlook to the tempo counter. I don't have one, neither on Win7 nor Chrunchbang Waldorf (Deb Wheezy). I can't find anywhere a place to enable it. Sould I edit the config file to get it showing, or...?

2 Pattern editor

The manual describes size / resolution as number of bars and grid resolution. However when I choose size 8, I only get bars 1 through 4. If I choose 16, I get 1 to 8. Choosing 3 gives me two and a half.

I'd imagine "grid resolution" refers to the quantization resolution, meaning 4 is for 1/4 notes, 8 for 1/8 notes, 16 for 1/16 notes and so on. However when I choose 16, I only get a grid of four in a measure.

Am I completely misunderstanding this, or is there again something I need to change in config file to make it work in a logical manner?

3. Instrument library

GM drums are OK to do a quick'n dirty draft. However they're not something you'd use in a song. It's possible to use the layer editor to delete a sample and import a new one, is there no easier way to do it?

Is it possible to configure Hydrogen to start with my own library instead of the GM library?

Is it possible to pull in a complete drumkit at once instead of one instrument at a time?


Thanks in advance


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sorry for the late reply


1 : click the vertical 'BC' button on the main toolbar ( to show the beatcounter

2. hmm ... never really noticed that. it is indeed strange. i'll see if i can find out something about this

3. dont think you can change the default drumkit > feel free to create a feature request in our github issue tracker

you can right click on a drumkit in the 'sound library' and select load, that way a complete drumkit loads




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Thanks Thijs

Didn't honestly realize BC was a button :D

Found the way to load complete drumkit literally 15sec after posting this, but for some reason wasn't able to update the post. Also found a workaround for the def drumkit issue... simply templates with pre-defined drumkits. Works actually better than just replacing the default one, at least for me.


Groetjes vanuit Mokum,


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Here's a sample screenshot: