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Can't seem to get MIDI working

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I have a Midiman brand MidiSport 2x2 usb to midi device that I'm trying to use to link a Boss drum machine with Hydrogen.

I'm using Jack, and I've attached a screenshot from patchage.

I seem to see the midisport device and hydrogen's midi-in channel in patchage, but for some reason they won't connect.  

Of course, when I play the drum machine, the midi-in light of hydrogen does not light up.

Any help would be appreciated.  I'm looking forward to driving Hydrogen with external devices!!!

Patchage View


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are you getting some sort of error message while connecting?

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Hi CapedSam,

Could you try, within Hydrogen, selecting your device at Tools->Preferences->Midi System->Input ?
In the same tab, could you also check the 'Midi driver' field in that window? I'd set it to JACK (or something related). It could be a problem with 'Patchage', so I'd check whether it works when connected with 'qjackctl'.

Also, I see you have more than one 'MidiSport' window in Patchage there. Could you show the whole screenshot there, I would have expected a 'Hydrogen Midi-Input' device-window there, to which I'd point the 'midi_capture' nodes or the 'MidiSport' nodes, whichever works.


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this does sound like a ALSA midi <> Jack midi issue

you need to make sure that all apps (and hardware) are using the same 'type' of midi before th ins and outs can be connected

for the apps that only support ALSA or Jack you can use the a2j utility:

when you start it in a terminal like this : 'a2j -e' you will get extra midi ports in patchage that are the 'Jack version' od the ALSA ports

you should be able to connect these ports to the other ports shown in patchage