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The bpm time clock is off w/ Cubase

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lotus feet
Joined: 04/17/2010

First gotta say I do love Hydrogen and it's really the best drum machine software I've used.

One thing I've noticed is that when I export a .wav file (song or just a single pattern) it doesnt properly sync up with the bpm set in Cubase, even though they are the same number...hydrogen always seems to be ever so slightly shorter in duration, about .003 of a second shorter for 120bpm. This means I can't run a click track over the drums files unless that gap is there and I snap them into grid @ 120bpm...but then there's a gap .003 second gap between sound every beat.

I'm thinking the internal clock is off in Hydrogen, maybe that's connected to the way Hydrogen tells time compared to Cubase, and I'm gonna hafta side w/ Cubase on this one.

Any workarounds or possibly work on this issue? Doesnt anyone else have this problem?