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problems using hydrogen with an external e-drum

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi.. I'm new on this forum as well as in linux audio. I use to play drums and I guess that hydrogen will become an essential piece of software for me. Glad to be on this forum and hope to learn and share knowledge.
My doubt is the following.. I've connected the midi output of my e-drum (roland td-6v) to hydrogen and immediately it has been able to reproduce sounds when I hit the drum.
The problem is that some instruments are merged.. e.g. it reproduces a kick either when I hit on the kick but also when I hit the hi-hat. Actually the pads of my e-drum have separate sensitive regions and the problem is that in hydrogen, my hi-hat sounds as a hi-hat when I hit on the middle but it sounds as a kick when i do on the border.
Checking on this forum I've seen how I can switch between instruments when they are misplaced, but actually I don't know what to do when different pads generate the same sound.

I guess the solution must go by isolating the midi events generated by hitting each different pad at each different position and assigning specific sound on each.. but I actually don't know if hydrogen permits this kind of control.
I appreciate any trick on how to do that either on hydrogen or other software.



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the best is you know the midi note on msgs from your midi e-drum.
e.g use kmidimon to se the output.

in h2 first instrument in list use note_on msg 36
next instrument 37 and so on.

so, the best is you will checkout the controller output and create a similar drumkit.


closed hihat 40
open hihat 41
tip hihat 42
pedal hihat 43
and so on.
than put all hihat instruments into the same mute group. than the open hihat sample will stop if you play pedal hihat or closed hihat what includes a bit of pedal hihat.

also, imo it's must be possible to configure your midi device to create the right output.


Joined: 04/17/2010

Dear wolke, thanks for your rapid response :)
I've set up kmidimon and I can see the incoming midi events from my e-drum.

With regards to changing the behaviour of the e-drum midi controller I'm afraid that it would affect in case I used the built-in synthesizer of my e-drum (instead of hydrogen's synth) with a pre-recorded midi track. Anyway I must take a careful look on that at the controller's manual.

On the other hand I haven't found how to assign each instrument in the drumkit to a different midi event in hydrogen (i.e. closed hh 40, open hh 41,...). Do you know of any documentation on that ?

Thanks much :)