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Mute and Solo from Keyboard

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I'm trying to make music live. The situation is as follows: my patterns for instruments A and B are playing. At the end of a certain bar, I want my pattern for instrument A to keep going, my pattern for instrument B to stop, and my pattern for instrument C to start. Using the mouse, I cannot click the Mute button for B and C at the same time, and my guess is that using a keyboard to toggle patterns for instruments on and off would be a good way to achieve this. Is that correct? If so, how do I do it?

I've seen that the keyboard is mapped to enable me to play instruments, but I don't want to play them; i want to play the whole pattern I've made. 



UPDATE: I've tried using the "Midi learn" function (shift-clicking), but I get the message "This element is not midi operable". Is there any solution to this? 

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hi oweee

not all functions are midi operable. yet.

you can work in stacked pattern mode to achieve what you want (see this part of the manual for more info)

stacked mode allows you to enable/disable patterns

btw : did you check the article on live usage ?