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Couple of questions

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Hi all

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I have had a good look around and can't find the answers I'm looking for so hoping someone can help me out with this...

My first issue is that the volumes of the various drums in most kits I have tried is very inconsistent, so for example in the GM Kit I can barely hear the Kick but the Snare is at a reasonable volume. All the velocity settings look the same and fiddling about with the gain control doesn't do anything either.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be causing this?

Second thing is more of a general query.  If I write a pattern using one kit, is it possible to use that pattern on different kits, i.e so that I can move the kick drum pattern from kit #1 to kit #2 and so on with snare, hi-hat and everything else?  What I am trying to avoid is where the kick drum pattern in kit#1 becomes (for example) the crash cymbal pattern in kit #2!  Hope this makes sense :)

TIA for your thoughts




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I think that the answer to both of your questions, as far as my experience goes, is a negative one. I mean:

  • The volume between drumkits is pretty inconsistent, that happens. You have to adjust them manually and save it in a file if you want. In my case I change them all the time, I do not stick to a certain setup, but if you want a fixed setup you need to save it to a file.
  • The fact that each kit has the instruments sorted differently (so the kick2 might become the stick when loading another drumkit just to see how it sounds) also bothers me. The "solution" is choosing the drumkit before you start the project, because changing drumkits one the project has begun might be a pain.

I will post something in the mailing list to see if this subject is going to be solved. Creating a guidelines for the people who make drumkits would be great, so that they can be interchanged without misplacement of the instruments.