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Understanding Hydrogen and Quirks

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I've been very impressed with Hydrogen. However,
I do have some questions regarding its use with
Windows. I use 0.93, I think, with XP and get it to
function fine with just a few quirks.

My first question is I see "Hydrogen Builds for Windows."
Why are their builds for Windows if it already works for
the most part.

My second question, often times When loading a new kit,
I have to scroll what I guess is the instrument window and
the Editor window all the way down so everything lines up and
is not grayed out. In addition, when I scroll to the right of
the pattern editor the patter editor window becomes grayed out and I have to scroll it all the way down. Then sometimes, out of nowhere it stops "graying out" the screen and I don't have to keep rescrolling all the way down.

My third question: Say I load one of the included LDSPA plugin fx, but then I want to remove it - I can't figure out to remove it other than bypass it - but just today the plugin finally removed itself, although I can't figure out why.

My fourth and final question (for now): If I want to make my own kit with layers from an existing kit, does that mean I have to enter a long list of complex code to make the new kit like I've seen in some other threads?

Many thanks to the Hydrogen developers, this is an awesome piece of software and also to the developer of the Yamaha Vintage kit.

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to understand the software better.