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pattern mode and sync with jack - sooperlooper

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hi there, i am using hydrogen and sooperlooper. The latter is acting as jack master and hydrogen is in pattern mode, when i record a loop and hydrogen gets the right bpm. No problem with that.

What I would like to do is this: I record a loop in sooperlooper, hydrogen is in pattern mode, and when I press play in hydrogen the pattern starts in the right time relating to the loop in sooperlooper. Right now hydrogen starts playing from the beginning of the pattern, it doesn't matter whether the loop is in its first, second, or first and 0,234234 beat (this last numer is of course a random number). So I would like that hydrogen synchronizes not only with the bpm, but with the beat position.

I guess this would work ok in song mode (haven't tried myself but read some comments about it in different forums) and I was wondering if I could simulate it somehow in pattern mode.


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hi didgewind

AFAIK ther is no way to sync in pattern mode, but if you find the time to test it in song mode i am interested in hearing about it

there have been a number of fixes made in the latest version of hydrogen concerning jack transport, so it would be great if you could test your setup with the most recent code

info on how to get and build the code can be found here :