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Pattern libraries

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Joined: 03/30/2010

hey ho, hydrogen 0.9.4 supports single pattern management. this means you can save and load single patterns. so you don't have to build every part of a song new. just use your pattern library and drag and drop the needed pattern into song.
here you can read how this work.

i planed to collect a pattern collection for hydrogen 0.9.4. into this collection users can upload patterns. mostly i think on drum standard pattern for different music-styles e.g. hiphop, punk, jazz, noise, surf, samba and so on.

on the h2 development wiki i create a site which contains small sites for every on sourceforge hosted drumkits .
this site you can find here

please feel free to correct my bad english, and also put tons of pattern for the listed drumkits into this site :-]

THX :-))