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Testers needed!

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Joined: 03/30/2010

Hi everyone,

the hydrogen team was not lazy in the last days, especially Gabriel worked hard to improve the stability of hydrogen. The results were now merged to trunk and we would like to encourage everyone to test the recent svn version. You can read more about compiling the svn version here:

We're happy about every feedback, even if it runs fine :)

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Joined: 03/30/2010

hi, don't know why, but the post to devel-list don't arrive.

at first @gabriel
good work, runs super stable here. also my efforts to produce an jack zombie come to nothing.

the next is i have a create small patch what make buffersize changing using the jack out put driver possible.

it works smooths.also if transport is running. but of cores the code it is only experimental to find a easy way to do this. so please grab this idea and make it saver as is it :-). it's ok if you roll your eyes around :-).

greetings wolke

i see the refreshBuffersize() function is still inside. it's without a function, i only forget to delete this part of code. please don't irritate.

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Jack transport is messed up -- it's been since I first tried it about a year ago. I thought this had been reported, but I can't find any related tickets. The issue manifests itself if you hook Hydrogen to Ardour (into a bus, track, several tracks or whatever you prefer). When you hit play, it seems to do alright, but as soon as you jump in the timeline Hydrogen systematically skips to the wrong position.

I'm using wolke's branch for the recording facility (although it's of little use if I can't get Hydrogen to properly synchronize with Ardour; so far I'm just recording the drum tracks as audio directly in Ardour, with a transportless Hydrogen acting as a MIDI sample trigger). I'm not entirely sure, but I think this problem is not in wolke's branch only.

Another little bug: if you have a horizontal scroll wheel (e.g. in a tilt-wheel mouse) and use it on the pattern editor, the pattern itself moves, but the scroll bar and the top pane with the beat numbers don't. If you use the wheel on the top pane, it moves but the pattern and scrollbar don't. Moving the scrollbar works as expected. These three UI elements are not well synchronized.

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I've tried the latest svn version of hydrogen and it crashes.
I've copied the gdb output thread by thread.
Should I post it here in the forum at the 'problems with hydrogen' section ? or at the users mailing list ? or at the devel mailing list ?



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Hi Gerard!

It would be cool if you can post it to our development mailing list. The users mailing list is a little bit, well, "unattended" :)