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Using Hydrogen to trigger Ezdrummer 2

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Joined: 04/09/2015

Hello everyone,

                      I recently got Ezdrummer 2 and have been trying to find a software to program drums to trigger Ezdrummer. There is a huge dearth of such software for the Mac. So far I love the hydrogen interface, but I want to assign specific MIDI numbers to the drums on the left. So that I can export it to Ezdrummer as it has loads of samples that I want to trigger but Hydrogen has only the basic ones and some of them are mismatched(cymbal in Hydrogen triggers tom in EZD). I hope I am making sense and this question isn't too silly. Any help appreciated.

Also how do I make every mouseclick to mark maximum velocity instead of the usual around 80% that it does? Thank you!

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Hi Kunal0921

check out this part of the FAQ for the instrument mapping :

to change velocity you can right-mouse-drag the note up/down, or at the botom of your screen switch to velocity mode and drag the bars up/down