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V-drums and hydrogen will rock

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how to give back ?
I have ubuntu studio on a lenovo sl500 think pad dual booting with xp.
presonus audiobox usb and Roland v-drum td-v6 with homemade triggers using Roland and pearl mesh heads
xp sucks works but unrelieable can't find all the drivers. factory install full of crap would not work.
my legal version of xp wouldn't install had to get a tech to install another version of xp can't find some drivers.Details of xp problems I've had and still have, would take to long to describe.
ubuntu studio installs so fast and easy. everything I needed working out of the box.No tech no looking for drivers.I've been using and installing windows from 311 to vista, I'm still surprised when linux installs faster and easier.
hydrogen works however took some work (learning) how to build the kit I wanted .
in xp in audio program make midi song to play all instruments at all velocities run through vst drum
pluggin export as wav reboot into ubuntu studio in audacity cut up wav then in hydrogen load layers in instrument editor a lot of work if you do seven or eight layers like I have.So far this sounds as good as the original .The real work is to make the hihats work with the Roland hi-hat pedal with seven layers for each note of the pedal 7*28=196 little wavs I think. Wish there was an easier way to map this. Drag and drop in to layers would be great. Mapping the kits with hydrogen and vdrums is challenging. If the vst drum pluggin was available in hydrogen I would buy it (it doesn't need to be in vst form).Hydrogen shuts down unexpectedly sometimes (need to to go through logs and track that down) but still more reliable than xp equivalents. A lot of work (learning) but will have drum kit that sounds pro that I can put on my bicycle trailer and play anywhere. Laptop on battery audio box powered off usb v-drums powered with 9v battery from cordless drill.I use Sure in ear monitors or could use battery powered speakers(but what cheaper powered speakers will take the pounding?).
In ear monitors with custom molds sound better than speakers or headphones and more comfortable than headphones.
I think after four years of using Linux, it is just about ready to rock in pro studios.
Roland mesh heads work and last better and more expensive but a bit noisier.
Pearl mesh cheap but can double trigger with out muffling and don't last heavy hitters.
Over all Linux faster install, faster working, easier to use and solid , xp slower install, harder to get working, slower, unreliable, soon to be unsupported.
Practically forced to switch to Linux.
Thanks to and for everyones contributions to Linux.