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Single-Pedal MIDI control?

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Joined: 04/26/2015

Hello. I am overall quite happy with my experience from Hydrogen. I play bass guitar, and my sister has played electric guitar with me a few times. We don't have a drum kit or a drummer, so I like to use Hydrogen to play the drum beats when I practice with her or sometimes alone.

I would prefer to have it timed by a human rather than a metronome. I have a specific idea of how I want to control it;

I have a USB foot pedal controller for my computer, with some software to make it function as a MIDI trigger. I want it to trigger every beat in a drum pattern that I wrote.

Press pedal: Play beats at 1, Release pedal: play beats at 1.5, Press pedal: Play 2, Release pedal: Play 2.5

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hi Liam

i'm afraid that this is not something that can be done with hydrogen

what you can do is use the 'tap tempo' midi function and use your pedal to determine the tempo by tappting it multiple times (or even continuously)