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Hydrogen 0.9.7 and CC4 control for HiHat pedal position

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Joined: 05/18/2015

Greetings all,

 First of all for my first post, just want to congratulate the devs for such a nice app. I'm currently trying to switch from Windows world where I have some expensive music software to Linux world where my heart belong. Not so easy to perform but Hydrogen tend to make me think t's now possible.

I have one question, of big concern for me as I am a drummer and I want to use hydrogen to record different kind of drum signature with my Vdrum for my band song producing. I was so excited to notice that in the 0.9.7 cc control for hi hat was included, but I can't manage to find where I can setup the CC4 midi control to manage the hihat pedal position.

 For this purpose I built the 0.9.7 from git main branch repository. Building and install works like a charm but now... where's or how this fixture was implemented?