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Assigning samples to the key board (plus a beat :)

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Joined: 04/17/2010


I downloaded hydrogen yesterday after watching a great you tube video (it was three years old).

This thing got me started, and I was able to make a drum beat or two. This is a great programme. Thanks to the developers!!

I have a few questions..... If Hydrogen can do these things I will be an extremely happy man :)

In the video, the guy samples guitar off vinyl (into another programme)and then assigns the samples to keys on his midi controller. He doesn't show how he does it, and may be using LINUX. I am on windows...... can this be done?

He also assigns a few Hydrogen drum sounds to the same key board (therefore is able to play hydrogen drums and guitar sample on the same setup on the keyboard). Can we do this in the windows version?

Also, I have tried just inserting a sample into Hydrogen (by going to 'Instrument' then 'Layers', then 'load', and it works, but it overides the highlighted sound (eg the Kick). Can we import new samples as new sounds rather than overriding sounds? Then save these kits?

Ultimately I'd love to be able to import samples (hits, and longer samples), and be able to control them from the midi usb keyboard, and save these mixed up kits as new kits.

Lots and 'wanting' going on here sorry. Hopefully I can give something back over time as I learn the ropes. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



P.S. I thought I'd attach a beat I made as some form of thanks (not that I think it's amazing or anything!! But it's something :)

Joined: 04/17/2010

Sorry :(. The beat was too big to attach. Who feels stupid? That would be me.