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Hydrogen 0.9.5 released

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Joined: 03/30/2010

Hi everyone,

we're happy to announce the release of hydrogen 0.9.5, the latest stable
version of hydrogen.
You can grab the tarball at our sourceforge page:

The features of hydrogen 0.9.5:

- Multi-Track Audio Export
- Sample editor
- Midi output (ALSA only)
- Piano-roll editor
- Export to wav, aiff, flac & ogg
- Tempo changes and Tags (both do not work on exported tracks)
- Time-stretching of samples
- LADISH support
- Director
- Export / Import patterns

A more verbose description of the new features can be found at a page in
our wiki: . Most of the features are also described
in our new manual, which can be accessed via the "info" menu of hydrogen.

Thanks to all the translators, developers and users of hydrogen for
their work which lead to this release!
the hydrogen team