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Play audio track while editing drums

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I couldn't find the answer to this, so I'm posting here. How do I play an audio track (that contains bass guitar, vocals, and other instruments) while I'm editing the drums. Right now, I'm creating a drum track, exporting it, and then importing it into Audacity, which is a bit of a pain in the butt, since I'm doing it over and over and over...

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you could use jack transport to sync hydrogen and ardour (or maybe its also possible to sync audacity to jack transport?) and load your audio track into ardour. however, you will probably find that the audio will start to drift no matter how good you set your tempo

an other option might be to import the wav file into hydrogen (just create a new instrument, add the wav file to it, set hydrogen to song mode and trigger the wav on the first bar of your song) but this will not fix the drift issue