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Song position sync when Jack slave

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hydrogen is very broken when acting as a Jack slave with Ardour as master. Starting mid song in Ardour has Hydrogen starting in the wrong position.

Also any song edits whilst the transport is rolling in slave mode will throw Hydrogen off the current song position. It is difficult to build songs in this way.

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there are some rules you have to observe if you use jack transport.

1. most important.
hydrogen bar position "1" is always position "1" in ardour.
that mean, all songs starts here. its impossible to start a hydrogen song on position 1 if your song in ardour begins e.g on bar 21. this never work in moment.

2. never change song length in hydrogen if transport is running. hydrogen have to recalculate a lot of internal positions variables.

3. complexer setups with different pattern lengths needs a adapted timeline in ardour. otherwise you get out of sync. ardours default settings here are 120bpm with 4/4 resolution. you have to make this clear if you work with different beat lengths and tempo change.

ardour |4/4|8/4|8/4|4/4|
hydrog |s 8|s 16|s 16|s 8|
hydrogen s = hydrogen pattern size

Joined: 04/17/2010