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Medeli DD305?

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Hi. I am considering buying a Medeli DD305 portable drum set and would like to know about other people's experience with it. More specifically, does it work well with Linux and Hydrogen over MIDI, because that's how I intend to use it.

I googled a lot for it and can't find the information. Only one search hit brought me here, but I can't find that thread, not even using the forum's own search engine.


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2things you need to check:

- is the dd305 is class compliant so that linux can discover it and sees it as a midi device (that is only relevant if this is a USB controller, if it has midi out and you already have a midi interface there is no problem)

- can you change the midi mapping of the pads ?  hydrogen has a fixed mapping (see this part of the manual) so you need to be able to modify your midi controller