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making hydrogen into a souund module, a great idea

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Joined: 04/17/2010

hi there,

i am posting an idea, and this is it!

make hydrogen into a sound module, that would allow you to open it like a plugin. this plugin wouldn't contain much except the soundbanks and FX...

i say this because hydrogen as is, is great except for if you want to use it running several other apps. i personally don't need to use it's sequencer, there is nothing wrong with it, but why would i use it, when there are better sequencers out there. hydrogen ends up feeling bloated, doesn't always play nice with other apps, and the bottom line it is resource heavy, which is not what you want in audio production, atleast not for just one plugin. it would be different if hydrogen also did synthesis or was a VST/LV2 host but that is not the case...!

i want to use it, but at this point can't justify it. it would be far better as a drum module instead of a full on sequencer, then and only then would i find it to be a truly useful peice of software for audio production....

just a thought.....anyone agree??? or interested in this idea??
any thoughts????


Joined: 04/17/2010

too add to this, i don't mean that we should make it into an LV2/LADSPA/VST plugin. i like the standalone app, i just wish it was smaller and worked more like a standard sound module instead of like a glorified drum machine..
it is CPU/RAM heavy and it doesn't need to be.... also i am not saying we should ditch it's current state either....

i think we should have 2 versions, one as is, and one that is more like a plugin/module. meant only to trigger sounds with the possibility of FX...


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there are thoughts about making a LV2 plugin out of hydrogen, but that's a complicated task.
Do you know that you can disable the gui of hydrogen? Just compile it with "scons gui=0" and it is less "bloated". Maybe that's enough for the start...

Btw. if you're using a serious, multilayered drumkit, the samples take more RAM then the application itself.