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Hydrogen 9.4 karmic amd64 CRASH on export WAV

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi guys

First i would like to THANKS for this usefull software and give congratulations to Team

My question is:

When i try to export any songs to Wav files theres not works,

and simply crash, this bug appears only the 9.4 karmic amd64 (other versions no crash)

If someone can help me about this please post



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Joined: 03/30/2010

hi, we have fix some bugs in 9.0.4. also we do some changes on the export function.

in moment you have to build the 0.9.4bugfix version manually.
here is the location.

and if you build hydrogen from source it a good idea to build the current trunk version 0.9.5.

greetings wolke